Central coast turf

















Prepare you Site

How to get the best possible results with your new lawn

All existing lawns and weeds need to be sprayed with Roundup 14 days before laying your new lawn..

Excavation is needed if the existing ground is compacted and the levels are too high against paths and driveways. The level should be 150mm to 200mm below any path.

Soil quality. Your local nursery will be able to give you advice or your local Soil center. If it is of poor quality this can be rectified by purchasing a good quality top soil from your local nursery / Landscapeing center. Quantity of soil required for every 100 sq metres is between 5 and 10 tonnes, which will give you a depth of 25mm to 50mm.

Spread the top soil out evenly using a rake or a piece of timber. Making the surface, to be turfed, as flat as possible will give a better result

For best results the turf should be layed on the day it is delivered. Water within 30 minutes of laying. Turf requires immediate soil contact and moisture to thrive.