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Shade Master Soft Leaf Buffalo


I have grown Shade Master Soft Leaf Buffalo for over 15 years. I have also tried other varieties of Buffalo and have found that the Shade Master Soft Leaf Buffalo has the following properties;

* Grows well in both shady areas and full sun.

* Holds up well in heavy traffic areas.

* Great in really wet areas.

* Steady grower so it doesn't need the constant mowing some of the advertised varieties need.

* A good, rich green colour.

* Grows well in the sand of Umina & on the beach at McMaster's Beach.

One of the most commonly asked questions about the Shade Master Soft Leaf Buffalo is whether the grass turns a purple colour over winter. The simple answer is yes some customers can experience their Shade Master Soft Leaf Buffalo displaying a purple tinge over winter. I have found that this only occurs in areas which experience extreme cold and frosty conditions. Also the very common Liquid Amber trees are known to drop their leaves over winter which is a seasonal characteristic as is the purple tinge in Shade Master Soft Leaf Buffalo. In my experience the grass has returned to its full green colour by the first week in September.

Buffalo Grass

Above is a a picture of Buffalo Grass


The old favourite of Central Coast lawns. A rapid grower, Kikuyu holds colour over winter unless frost bitten. Kikuyu responds well to fertilisers and watering and will grow quickly and with a rich colour. Kikuyu will need mowing weekly in summer in favourable conditions.

Kikuyu Grass

above is a sample if Kikuyu Grass