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Fertilising your Turf

For healthy, vigorous good looking lawn, fertilise every 6 – 8 weeks

Why should I Fertilise?

* A healthy fertilized lawn remains uniform and maintains its original grass species and is weed free.

* The regular growth of a well fertilised lawn helps decrease the amount of mowing.

* Well fed lawn is stronger and less susceptible to diseases, stress and damage.

When should I Fertilise?

* Wait at least 5 weeks after installation to fertilise your new lawn. A regular routine of fertilising every 6 – 8 weeks should then be implemented.

* Fertilising heavily in autumn (March and April) to ensure the lawn stays strong as it goes into winter. Winter can be a peak stress time.

* Early winter heavy fertilising will keep the lawn as green as possible for as long as possible.

What sort of Fertiliser should I use?

* Lawn fertilisers are very different from standard garden fertilisers. Choose a lawn fertiliser that has about twice as much nitrogen as potassium, but with only 1-2% phosphorous.

* Ask Around as your local Bunnings Will be able to direct you in the right fertiliser you can use or either ask one of the A & J turf supplies staff as we can tell you the best fertiliser to use for you turf

How should I apply the Fertiliser?

* Spread the fertiliser evenly with a gloved hand or with a hand trolley. Water the fertiliser in immediately to prevent it burning the grass.